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My at-home studio 

I have a few more weeks left before I enter the second half of my third year at OCAD U. The university delayed the start time of the winter term until the end of January to deal with the chaos happening in the city. As much as I don’t want to get my hopes up too high (because this province is unpredictable), I am really looking forward to having my studio back. 

The OCAD studios are these large white spaces with easels set and ready. I find working in an actual studio allows me to concentrate and motivates me to work on the task at hand. Working from home can be so distracting. 

Working on a still-life painting of a paper bag in acrylic paint. Working in the OCAD University DRPT studios. 2019. Anita Lasek. In Scott Everingham's class..

Working in the OCAD U studios

In 2019, my first year, you could always find me working in the studio. When the university first shut down, I had to rely on my tiny basement apartment to work in. Working in this small space with very poor air circulation (barely any windows) really did not benefit me. After only a couple of weeks of working from there, I had to stop painting entirely. The paints started to make me feel sick. Thankfully, once I took the paints and painting supplies away, I felt better quickly. 

Working on a colour mixing assignment in my basement apartment. Not a fun time!

I moved from the basement a few months after that incident into a room with two large windows. Not the ideal spot to paint as I was working next to my bed, but it was much better. The ventilation was great and I never had any of the problems I was experiencing in my previous place. Working in this spot, I avoided oils entirely. I can write about how I got over my fear of oil paints in another post. All in all, the place was a thousand times better than my last. I did have difficulties working at a larger scale since I couldn’t fit and work on an easel properly due to lack of space. 

Working on a painting of a dog from my desk in my bedrooom

My current at-home studio setup is great. I have great ventilation and I’m able to work very freely in my kitchen. The set-up can be a bit strange from time-to-time, but I feel like I’m stepping closer to perfecting these temporary studios I make for myself. Here I’m able to work in all mediums and I’m usually working from my dining table or from an easel. The problems I face here are mainly concerned with finding storage space for what I make.

Still-life of tea cups and kettle, finally working in oil paints again

I’m really hoping to return to in-person learning for the upcoming term. Maybe (and hopefully) the at-home studio can turn into more of an optional choice rather than my only choice. Anyways, I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated on the progression of my studio experiences. 

My palette setup

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